Youth Musician Commission

Composed of visionary leaders, the Youth Musician Commission advocates and creates opportunities to connect young people to music.

Who are we?
The Youth Musician Commission (YMC) is a group of passionately creative individuals motivated to give back to the community around them. Using their love of the arts to educate and inspire, they plan and lead music-related projects to engage youth in their communities.

What do we do?
As young artists, we treat every project as a blank canvas, layering on ideas until they're polished and perfected. In our bi-weekly meetings at Roy Thomson Hall, we work together on youth initiatives that focus on workshops, gatherings, and collaborations with other organizations to activate youth with music.

How do you join?
Participants from Call & Response, having familiarized themselves with the skills involved in volunteering, are eligible to join and be interviewed by current members of the YMC.

What do Our YMC members think?
"When I first joined the YMC, it was intimidating, but it wasn't a long time before I fell in love with the environment, the people, and the work. Planning projects that give back to the community carries a sort of fulfillment, and it makes it 100 times better that the people I work with are so supportive and hardworking. I'm going to continue to gain many valuable skills and countless memories through this amazing opportunity."

Supported by The Azrieli Foundation