The Corporation of Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall

Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall is a charitable not-for-profit with a vision to be a home for every artist and fan. We are devoted to artist development, community outreach, and educational programming with a mission to enrich communities through the positive cultural, social, and economic impacts of music.

Massey Hall, a historic gem, was constructed in 1894 through the generosity of Hart Massey and bestowed upon the residents of Toronto. To this day, it remains one of Canada's most esteemed cultural institutions, holding the distinguished title of a National Historic Site.

Roy Thomson Hall continues its role as a premier venue, serving as the home to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and hosting blockbuster events like the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Massey Hall Revitalization Project marks the most significant restoration, revitalization, and re-imagination of Massey Hall in 127 history, which includes a remarkably restored Allan Slaight Auditorium, and the construction of a 7-storey tower to the south, collectively known as Allied Music Centre. The expansion means Allied Music Centre will house four venues that includes Massey Hall, TD Music Hall and other amenities for artists, educators, and community groups.