Thank you to our Supporters

The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall is a charitable, not-for-profit organization that depends on the generous contributions of individuals, corporations and foundations to support Education & Community Outreach programs, Artist Development initiatives, and the Massey Hall Revitalization.

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Roy Thomson Hall Digital Video Auditorium Enhancement Project

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Share the Music, Presented by

Education & Outreach and Artist & Audience Development

The Woodbridge Company Limited

Lyrics and Legacies,
Sponsored by

Learning English Through Song (LETS), Supported by

The Lullaby Project, Supported by

Plus 200 individual donors

Choir & Organ, Supported by

Edwards Charitable Foundation

Youth Musician Commission, Call & Response,
Supported by

The Azrieli Foundation

Collaborations, Supported by

The Lewitt Family Foundation

Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall Donors

Thank you to our Donors

We’re thankful for the generous support of our many stakeholders, who help to make our Education and Outreach programming possible. Your annual giving helps us to provide inspirational experiences to an ever-expanding group of audiences, including youth, community groups, newcomers to Canada, and seniors. Gifts to our endowment ensure that we can continue to provide this programming for many years to come.

Donate to our Education and Outreach programming.


$20,000 and above $10,000 to $19,999 $5,000 to $9,999 $1,000 to $4,999
Renette & David Berman
In memory of Madeline A. Courey, Board of Governors (1998-2004)
Kirby C. Gavelin
John B. Lawson
Tom & Catharina MacMillan
Tim & Frances Price
Joseph & Antoinette Sorbara
The Westwinkel Family, in honour of Florian Westwinkel
Richard J. Balfour
Dr. John Chiu, H.C. & Yvonne Chiu, C.M. in memory
Charles & Barbara Cutts
Aditya Jha, POA Educational Foundation
Diane M. Bean
The Dianne & Irving Kipnes Foundation
Bill & Erin Furlong
Kamala-Jean Gopie, O. Ont.
Anthony & Helen Graham
Rebecca MacDonald
Arthur Mitchell in memory of Madeline A. Courey
Thomas & Irma Payne
Marcia Lewis Brown
Linda C. Campbell & Michael Cruickshank
Diana Chant & William Mitchell
Norman & Gail Findlay
Heather & John Clark
Richard & Nancy Hamm
Robert G. Kearns
The MacMillan Family
Jason Sniderman

Annual Donors

$50,000+ $20,000 to $49,999 $10,000 to $19,999 $5,000 to $9,999 $1,000 to $4,999 In Kind Gifts
Estate of Catharine Frances Thompson
The Lewitt Family Foundation
The Azrieli Foundation
Edwards Charitable Foundation
The McConnell Family Foundation
Canada Life
The Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation
Ontario Arts Council
Carol Nichol
TD Securities Underwriting Hope Fund
The Sixty Three Foundation
Suzanne Bradshaw
Melissa Coulson
Bianca Marcus & Greg Cumming
Carole Fabris-Mackie
The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation
Laraine Herzog
Robert Lodge
Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
Crystal Penner
Timothy & Frances Price
Mathew Szeto & Jenny Porter
SOCAN Foundation
Bev Shugg Barbeito
Joseph & Antoinette Sorbara
Elizabeth Tory
Kirby Gavelin & Louise Tymocko
Jimmy & Roberta Wang
Thanks to Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
for their in-kind support of our Education & Outreach
programming with a gift of a Roland FP30 digital piano

Massey Hall Revitalization Campaign

Public Sector Private Sector Cornerstone Supporters
The Government of Canada
The Province of Ontario
The City of Toronto
Founding Donor
The Slaight Family Foundation in honour of Allan Slaight
MOD Developments
Tricon Residential Inc.
Principal Gift Leadership $1 Million + Distinguished Benefactor $500,000 and over Benefactor $250,000 and over
Weston Family Foundation American Express
Edwards Charitable Foundation
Nancy & Richard Hamm
Frances & Timothy Price
RBC Foundation
Scotia Wealth Management
Stephen Smith & Diane Blake
Joseph & Antoinette Sorbara
TD Bank Group
John and Liz Tory and Family
Weston Family Foundation
BMO Financial Group
Michelle & Michael Levy / The Levy Family Foundation
Tom MacMillan
The McLean Foundation
The Northpine Foundation
St. Joseph Communications
David W. Binet
Krembil Foundation
William MacKinnon & Sandie Dix
The McAlpine Family
The Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain
Alison & Bruce McDonald
The H. John McDonald Foundation
Distinguished Patron $100,000 + Patron $50,000 and over Distinguished Donor $25,000 and over
Patsy & Jamie Anderson
The Azrieli Foundation
Richard J. Balfour
Jordan & Faith Banks
The Bruce H. Mitchell Foundation
Guy Carr-Harris
Colin & Nadia Chapin
Dan Coholan & Sarah Mills
Dean Connor & Maris Uffelmann
Bob Dorrance & Gail Drummond
Kevin & Lisa Dougherty
Megan Hagarty Smith & Geoffrey Smith
Hal Jackman Foundation
Robert Harding
The Lewitt Family Foundation
The McDonald Family
Ian & Marjory McDonald
Tom & Sarah Milroy
The Moffat Family
Oliver Murray & Colleen Donnelly
Power Corporation of Canada
Sidney Robinson & Linda Currie
Slaight Music
Spin Master
Robert Steele
Mathew Szeto & Jenny Porter Szeto
Darren Throop
Torys LLP in honour of Richard J. Balfour
Anonymous x4
Aird & Berlis LLP
Sarah & Amar Bhalla
Tom Bogart & Kathy Tamaki
The Butterfield Family Foundation
John & Lynn Clappison
Eileen Costello & Damien McCotter
David & Elizabeth Forster
Kathryn Fric
Carol Gray
Hardrock Forming Co. Ltd.
The Henry White Kinnear Foundation
Jackman Foundation
Donald Lang
Walt & Kate Macnee
Lorna Marsden & Edward Harvey
McCarthy Tétrault LLP
Mark McLean
Paul & Martha McLean
The Midloch Foundation
Carol Mitchell & Richard Venn & Family
Lorrie & Alec Morley
Tamara Rebanks & James Appleyard
The Renette & David Berman Family Foundation
Derrick Ross & Jennifer Walsh
Robert & Carolyn Sankey
Wayne Shaw & Marilyn Pilkington
Universal Music
John H. Watson
John & Lynn Clappison
Eileen Costello & Damien McCotter
David & Elizabeth Forster
Kathryn Fric
Carol Gray
Hardrock Forming Co. Ltd.
The Henry White Kinnear Foundation
Lorna Marsden & Edward Harvey
McCarthy Tétrault LLP
Mrs. June McLean
Mark McLean
Paul & Martha McLean
Lorrie & Alec Morley
Stephen Otto
Tamara Rebanks & James Appleyard
Estate of Catharine Frances Thompson
The Lewitt Family Foundation
Bill & Nancy Anderson
John & Jocelyn Barford
Barry and Laurie Green Marla Berger & Brian Greenspan
Suzanne Bradshaw
Steve Brophy & Julia Burnham
Debra & Barry Campbell
Shane & Linda Carter
John M. Cassaday
Gerald R. Connor
Danyliw & Mann
Anne-Marie Dunn & John Healy
Linda & Thomas Gajer
The Houston Family
IATSE Local 58
Richard & Donna Ivey
Trisha Jackson & Ramsay Derry
Steve Kane & Debbie Rix
Kevin & Anne Kaye
Jeffrey Latimer, Larry Tobin & Madeleine Tobin-Latimer
The Lazier Family
Randy Lennox
Marcia Lewis Brown
Gil Moore
Nettwerk Music Group
Andrew & Valerie Pringle
The Quinn Family Future Foundation
The Robert G. Kearns Foundation
The Rossy Foundation
Sarah McLachlan School of Music
Eleanor & Francis Shen
Jay Smales
Donald Tarlton
The Taylor Family
Diane Walker & Robert Bell
Peter S. Watson
Anonymous x2
Key Gifts $10,000 and over Special Gifts $5,000 +
Robert & Mary Pat Armstrong
Harp Athwal
The Barberian Family
Diane Bean & Dennis Lalor
Brian Blair
Anna Maria & Bill Braithwaite
John & Heather Clark
In Honour of Eddie Colero
Charles & Barbara Cutts
Cyril Dimitris & Brenda Polzler
Ever Hopeful Fund
Laura Fric & Casey Mahood
John Friedrichsen & Tracy Cooper & Family
John Graham & Christine Brogan
Stephen & Andrea Halperin
Jilla & Robert Williams Foundation
June Kenner
Jim & Elske Kofman
"Lorne Gertner Charitable Fund
at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Tor"
James & Ingrid Macintosh
Cristina Martinez Cameron
Liza Mauer & Andrew Sheiner
Donald & Helen McGillivray
Micheline McKay & Richard Comparey
The McKiernan Family
Mundy McLaughlin
Laurence, Ken & Mary-Ann Metrick
Kelly Morel
Margaret Mulhall & Chris McAlpine
Mark & Vanessa Mulroney
David & Annie Munns
National Bank Financial
The Family of B.W. Nolan
Bulent Pakdil
Hari & Anita Panday
Suzanne Porter & Sara Gardner
Chris & Anne Rankin
Doug & Nancy Raymond
Mary & Michael Rolland
Nick & Lynn Ross
Walter & Maria Schroeder
Richard Sharpe
Candace Shaw & Graham Pugh
Elizabeth J. Shropshire
Marvin & Dara Singer
James Smith
Peter Smurlick
The Sniderman Family
Thomglen Corporation
Ash Vahman & Leyli Taheri Moayed
Laurel J. Vanderburgh
Bruce & Erica Walter
Nancy & Jamie Westaway
In Memory of Glen Wimbush
Anonymous x3
Paul & Glenn Ackerley
Doctor Adonuts
Blaine Allan
Liz & Ed Andrew
Cheryl & Sandy Andrews
Michael J. Aniballi
George Anthony
Kam Athwal & Andrew Willicombe
Paula Attfield
Awesome Productions & Management Inc.
Leslie & Wendy Bagarus
Lezlie Bain
Michael Bateman
Bruce Batler
Anna Bayley
Nancy M. Beaton
Don & Nadine Bell
Enrico & Syd Belperio
Maggie Bergamo
Karen Bliss
Adrienne & Phil Bolton
Michael Bowen
P.G. Bowie
Richard & Joan Boxer
Douglas Bradley & Mary Killoran
Rob Brooks
Virginia Brooks
The Brown Family
Elizabeth Brown & Michael Boughn
Bjorn Bruschke
Richard Bryan & Lisa Reikman
Marcella Bungay Stanier
Sonya Butler
Cadence Music Group
Jennifer Cameron
James Campbell
Simion Candrea
Cathie Carlino
Chuck Carmine Via
Richard Carrillo & Heather Holmes
Brennan & Erin Carroll
Maureen Carroll
The Cerré Family
Sylvana Chan
William Charnetski
Andrew Chisholm & Laurie Thomson Fund at Toronto Foundation
Carrie & Grant Coad
Tom Cochrane
Jody Colero
Peter Cook
Vanessa Copeland
Deborah Corner
Aram Coulter
Beverly Crandell & Christopher Worth
Lynne Crouter
Crowe Soberman LLP
Crystal Eves Inc.
Peter Czegledy
Luba Czyrsky
Guy D'Andrea
Paul Davidson
Kelly Davies
Meg & Emi & Kate Davies
Steve Davis
David de Launay
Honor & Michael de Pencier
Ingrid de Vreeze
Bob & Erin Delaney
Aisling Dennett
Paul & Chris Desaulniers
The Diemer Family
Richard Djakovic
Rachel Doner
Denise Donlon
Dan Dooley
Murray & Rosie Drudge
Jason Duggan
Janis Duncan
Kathryn Elton & Peter Hohenadel
The Englert Family
Drew Fagan
Adam Fair
Dino & Julie Fantinato
John & Maureen Farrow
Avi Federgreen
Susan Feldman
Susan A. Feldman
William & Rosemary Fillmore
Ken & Jackie Fisher
Brendan FitzPatrick
Gordon A. Flanagan
Tom Flemming
Michael & Janet Forsayeth
Sharon Foster
Ron Fox
Tom & Jacqueline Friedland
Cindy Fukakusa
Sylvie Furieri
Nick Furneaux & Martha Jordan
Sean Gadon & Marisa Dodaro
Brett Milan Gajda
Nancy D. Garrow
Jonathan F. Gentry
Gervais Party & Tent Rentals
Melissa & Lilliana Ghislanzoni
Phil Gillin & Ava Sands
LA Glassford & Pat Deschambeault
Rick Goldberg
Eric Goldstrand
Richard & Lorraine Gretsinger
Ron Grimes
Colin Gruchy
Greg & Susan Guichon
Maureen Gurney
Michael & Marjorie Hale
Katherine Halpenny & Sean Smith
Louis Hambrock
Toba Hamersfeld
Anne-Marie Hamilton
Patrick Hamm
Alyson Hannas
Sally Hannon & Howard Barton
Ruth Hartman
Jamie Hayden
Laura R. Healy Stewart
Robert A. Hegele
Roz & Andy Heintzman
The Helbronner Family
Valerie Helbronner & Gary Salewicz
Scott Henderson
Andrew and Brandy Hermant
The Hill Family
Wayne Ho
The Hoey - St Clair Family
Peter & Frances Hogg
Horseshoe Tavern
Roma Lydia Huculak
Cliff Hunt
Rob & Esme Hurst
Angela Iannuzziello
Yoav Ickowicz
Donna Inch & Audrey Lobo
Heather Jamieson
Dr. Arthur Lambert Jones
Tracy Jones
Julie & Matt
Elayne & Adam Kardash
Peter Katz
P. Lynn Kearney
Terry Kelly
Geoff Kempin
Nancy P. Kennedy
Rick Kesler
David Kines & Teresa Walsh
Sarah Klapman
Art Klimkowski
Ellen, Catherine & Conrad Kolbert-Cornelissen
Koziebrocki Law
Kyle Kubicek
Laidlaw Foundation
Laura Lapierre
The Susan, Sarah & Nicholas Latremoille Fund at Toronto Foundation
Catherine Lazier
Kate Lazier
David Leblanc
Jane Leckey
Margaret Leighton
Karen & Fred Leitner
Lennox Family
Evelyn Lenting & Cam Hall
Phil Lind
Robin Linley & Amber Wilson
Lorenzo & Robin Lisi
Paul & Marylou Little
John Livey
Michael J. Lockhart & Dylan Hayden
Marilyn & Bruce Lubelsky
Sharon MacDonald
Carol Macfarlane
Lynn MacKenzie
Paul & Janet Macmillan
Thomas G. MacMillan
Alexander Mair
Dr. Anne Mallin
Michellyne Mancini
Joanna Manning
Paul Marcus in honour of Robin Kachuck
Mary M.
David Marskell
Colleen Martin
Dr. Notisha Massaquoi
Julia Masterson & Jeffrey Weitz
Liz Maynes, David & Bruce Rhodes
Kal Tire Milton & Mississauga
Martha McCain
The McCarten Family
Karen & Christopher McCleave
Stephen McGrath
Alison McGregor
Doug & Celina McKendrick
Joyce & Darcy McKeough
Mrs. John McNeil, Ester
Barry D. McPherson
Meredith Heron Design
Arti Meyers
Mills Quirke Music Foundation
Randolph Powell Morgan
Joe Morrison
Brandon Morrow & Kerry Pond
Carol & Edmund Moss
Pablo Mozo
Miranda Mulholland
Tim Mulvihill
Jone Munns
Tim Murray & Kimberly Curran
Jennifer Hardy
Orest W. Muz
Royal Nasager
Dr. Stephen Nash & Janice Goldberg
The Neals Clan
Elizabeth & Jessica Nee
Robert J. Neish & Kerry Tooth
Margaret Nelligan & David Quail
Mark Nicholson & Nataliya Hearn
Lisa (Homburger) Noel & Family
Bob Norman
Sean & Maureen Norman
Beth Nowers & Jack Curtin
O'Neil Electric Supply & Friends
Open Road Music
JC & Rose Orellana
Maura O'Sullivan
Liz Papadopoulos
Stefania Paterak & Phil Gumbley
Ken Percy
Mark Peterkin
Andrew Phillips
Richard Phillips
Bernadette Platt-Simms
Donna Polgar
Laura Pollard
Rose & Allan Porter
C. J. Prudham
Christopher, Cheryl & Martin Purcell
R.C.S.F. Snowmobile Club
Wayne Reeves & Julia Madden
Sheldon Resnick
Peter Riggin
Nancy M. Riley
Stephen Rioux
In Memory of Robert James Roberton
Linda Robinson
Robyn & Harley
Gary Rogers
Heather Ross
Carmelanna Ruggiero
Sheri Ruttle
John Saksun & Charlene Thornley
Nancy Salmon
Santos-Sparrow Family
Dena Saperghy
Anastasia Saradoc
Susan & David Scandiffio
Susan Schafheitlin
Dr. Ben Chan and Julia Schindeler
Monika Schmidt & Corey Poole
Richard D. Schneider
Gail & Graham Scott
James Lee Senter & Cynthia Mustaikis
Dr. Anita Shack
Philip Share
Mike Sharma
Paul & Pamela Shaver
Brian Sherman
Christopher Short
The Simard Family Foundation
Sonya Skolik
Shigeki & Shirley Sora - In memoriam
Andrew Sprachman
St. Michael's Choir School CSPC 2020/2021
Sarah Stallan
James Stennet
Stephen Bulger Gallery
Ross Antony Strowger
Rena & Peter Tallis
Patti-Anne Tarlton
Allen S. Taylor Family
Tim Thorney
Tom Thorney
Tracey Thorney
Daniel Thornhill
Marvin Tile
Jonathan Tolkin
Caryn Tomlinson
The Towns Family
James Trauzzi
The Troosts
C. Turylo
Virginia Griffin Medicine Professional Corporation
The Vivash Family
Stacey & Daniel Wagnell
Mike Walker
Les & Mitchell Wallace
Warner Music Canada
Jeff & Sherri Watchorn
Ellen Watkins
Peter & Christine Webster
Gabriele Westwinkel
Susan Wheeler
Libby Wildman
Patricia Wilson
Peter Wismath
Trudi Woods
Ed Yiu
Anonymous x7
$1,000 to $4,999
Debra & Barry Campbell
Cathie Carlino
William Charnetski
Andrew Chisholm and Laurie Thomson Fund at Toronto Foundation
Kim Cooke & Jennifer Martin
Paul Davidson
Honor & Michael de Pencier
Kathryn Elton & Peter Hohenadel
Drew Fagan
John & Maureen Farrow
Rick Goldberg
Katherine Halpenny & Sean Smith
Patrick Hamm
In Memory of David Hayman
Peter & Frances Hogg
The Susan, Sarah and Nicholas Latremoille Fund at Toronto Foundation
Karen & Fred Leitner
Phil Lind
Paul & Marylou Little
John Livey
Thomas G. MacMillan
Paul Marcus in honour of Robin Kachuck
Martha McCain
Alec McGillivray & Teti Argo
Joyce & Darcy McKeough
Tim Murray & Kimberly Curran
Open Road Music
Andrew Phillips
C. J. Prudham
R.C.S.F. Snowmobile Club
In Memory of Robert James Roberton
Linda Robinson
Philip Smith
Alan Wheable
Suzanne Bradshaw
Melissa Coulson
Bianca Marcus & Greg Cumming
Carole Fabris-Mackie
The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation
Laraine Herzog
Robert Lodge
Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
Crystal Penner
Timothy & Frances Price
Mathew Szeto & Jenny Porter
SOCAN Foundation
Bev Shugg Barbeito
Joseph & Antoinette Sorbara
Elizabeth Tory
Kirby Gavelin & Louise Tymocko
Jimmy & Roberta Wang