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Meet Jayli Wolf, our first artist Q&A

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About Jayli Wolf: Raised in a doomsday cult. Forged in the wild. She lost everything and everyone for renouncing her childhood faith. That is when she discovered herself; began to heal through music; and started the work of reclaiming her Indigenous heritage.

We asked Jalyi Wolf a few questions and she was kind of enough to answer them below...

Q: If someone hasn’t heard your work yet, what’s the first song you want them to hear?
JW: 'Child of the Government' is a song about my father who was taken as a baby by the Canadian Government and the Catholic Church in what is known as the 'Sixties Scoop'. The song and video are deeply personal to me and I feel is very timely for what’s happening in this country.

Q: What’s on your mind these days?
JW: I've been thinking a lot about the path I have chosen in this life; I've been trying to understand fulfillment. I want to make the most of the precious time that I have here, so I've been spending a lot of my free time plotting over what I need most to be happy.

Q: What do you want people to know about you?
JW : Lately my life has felt like a beautiful dream, which is very different from my upbringing & my recent past. And I don't think I would be here today if I didn't believe in myself.

Q: When you’re shut out of places, how do you find your voice? Your connections?
JW: I think there will always be some places that I won't be welcome. It's important to go inward, to get quiet and to listen to what that inner voice is saying. Maybe it will guide you to build your own spaces.

Q: Tell us what a chapter title would be in a memoir about your life?
JW: Caged Wolf. My grandpa had a caged wolf on the farm I grew up on, it's fitting for many reasons.

Q: What or who is inspiring you?
JW : I am working on a TV series right now with a majority female cast and crew. I have been learning so much from the ensemble, and I have never felt more supported in my entire life. So, I am deeply inspired by my work! I am also reading a lot of memoirs and listening to Keaton Henson.

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