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Call & Response Impact

"The time I spent at Call & Response made me realize that there was a place that resonated with my passions and accepted me as a whole. It was a place where I felt like I belonged, and I immediately fell in love with that comfort as soon as I walked through the doors to Call & Response every week.

Receiving career advice from real people who work in the arts field and building memorable moments with countless professional artists - all of it was impactful in more ways than one. Best of all, I met so many wonderful friends I still have strong connections with to this day.

The stressful yet meaningful work - the number of opportunities that improved my skills, building and refining my character - the experience I gained by working with professionals and meeting new people - were a few of the many outcomes of this experience so far. Plus, the strong relationships I formed over the last year while participating in the YMC were what made everything a thousand times better.

Over the past year, the YMC surpassed many milestones. Planning for months to host a two-part workshop series in collaboration with Re:Action 4 Inclusion, to promote accessibility and inclusion of self-expression through music. Our social media presence is expanding by the second through platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Even the little things bring me a great sense of achievement too. And not to forget, all work is a team effort.

I believe a great journey starts with the people you surround yourself with, along with a community you care about, just as much as it cares about you."

— Call & Response participant Caitlyn Hundey, October 2021