Lullaby Project at Home

Introducing the Lullaby Project at Home! Kickstart your creativity and write lullabies with our series of musical prompts.

Join Carlie and Cathy, teaching artists for Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall’s Education and Outreach programs, as they share prompts and activities for you to use at home to start on your own personal lullaby.

Find inspiration from their musical prompts and write lullabies for or with your child, parent, best friend, pet - anyone you’d like to share a special song with. These prompts are suitable for all ages!

Share your musical experiments with us on Instagram by tagging @MasseyHall and using the hashtag #LullabyProjectOnline or send them by email to

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Variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

For our first two prompts in the series, we invite you to create your own twist on a childhood favourite - “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." What new spin can you put on this classic lullaby?

Next, rewrite the words to this famous melody like Carlie does here, or make your own mash-up of multiple songs with similar melodies.

Found Sound Rhythms
You don’t need to own a piano or drum kit to make a rhythm - your home is full of other great instruments! Look around your home for objects you can use to make music, and experiment with the different rhythms you can make.

Chanting is an easy way to work music into your day during any activity. And parents, did you know that chanting with an infant or young child can help with everything from motor movement coordination to nervous system regulation?
Write a chant about your daily routines, a pet’s antics, a favourite playtime activity.

Scrabble Tile Melody
We’re giving you a new original melody to help you write a song - using Scrabble tiles!

In music, note names come from the first seven letters of the alphabet - A B C D E F G . Cathy has randomly drawn letters to create our new melody - B C F D A G E. Make sure to watch both videos to hear Cathy's melody and then add your own instruments and words.

Go create a lullaby!
We hope that you will use some of the prompts we've shared to write songs at home for those you love. Everyone can write a lullaby!