Alcohol Policy

The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall abides by the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario and has fully trained, Smart Serve certified professional staff to ensure the safe and responsible service of alcohol at all concerts, events and functions within our venues. Our two venues are licensed for alcohol service inside the auditorium. With your cooperation, the staff of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall will uphold these rules:

1. Monitoring the Entrances/Exits/Building Perimeters:
When relevant and as determined by Management, Security personnel will be on duty to check ID, conduct searches of bags and patrons, deny entry to rowdy, belligerent or intoxicated persons, prevent overcrowding or manage any patron exhibiting troublesome behaviour at concerts where alcohol is available. Valid ID includes an Ontario Drivers Licence, AGCO BYID card, Canadian Passport or Citizenship Card or a Canadian Armed Forces ID Card.

2. Use of Alcohol
All persons consuming alcohol in Massey Hall or Roy Thomson Hall must be 19 years of age or over. Any person wishing to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages may be asked for valid ID before being served.
Staff will not serve any patron to the point of intoxication.
Staff will not serve any patron already intoxicated.
Staff will offer only non-alcoholic drinks to any patron who appears to be reaching the point of intoxication.
Alcohol is permitted only in licensed areas.
All washrooms and stairwells leading to washrooms are licensed to enable patrons to take drinks to the washrooms for their personal safety and protection.
A maximum of two (2) alcoholic drinks will be served to each patron at any one time.
The halls reserve the right to limit the number of drink sold to each patron at any one time.
No alcohol shall be brought into the venue for consumption by any person except when purchased under the hall’s liquor licence or a LCBO Special Occasions Permit.
No alcohol, by either glass or bottle/box, shall be permitted to leave the building except under the authority of a LCBO Special Occasions Permit.
The venue has the right to confiscate and not return any illegal alcohol found in the venue and any alcohol being taken from the venue for any reason except under the authority of a LCBO Special Occasions Permit. Possession of alcohol not purchased on the hall’s liquor license will result in immediate ejection from the building.

3. Under-aged Patrons
Under-aged patrons are permitted to some events, however, they will not be allowed to purchase and/or consume alcohol. ID will be checked when a patron appears to be under the age of 25. Some events or areas may be restricted to persons 19 years and over.

4. Food & Non-alcoholic Beverages
With cash bar alcohol service, competitively priced non-alcoholic beverages and snack foods will be available at every concert.

5. Transportation
To obtain assistance in finding a safe way home for you, or one of your party, please contact any staff member and they will have a manager assist you.

6. Use of Illegal Drugs
The use of illegal drugs is not permitted by law anywhere in the venue

7. Troublesome Patrons
Persons involved in troublesome behaviour, due to use of alcohol or not, will be asked to leave the premises and will not be permitted to return.
Troublesome behaviours include:
vandalism, fighting, selling / using illegal drugs, sexual harassment, physical or verbal abuse, belligerence, or other similar behaviours. The Management of the venues reserves the right to indefinitely ban entry to these patrons as well as to contact the police should circumstance require their involvement. The Management of the venues reserves the right to close the bars should the situation warrant such action.

8. Capacity Limits and Fire Code
Fire codes and capacity ratings by the Province of Ontario and Ontario Fire Marshall will be strictly enforced by Management and our Event staff for the protection of you and our staff.