Photography Policies & Procedures

All cameras must be approved by Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall or other promoter, where appropriate, and the artist management, in advance of the presentation. Please contact with your requests for Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall house presentations at least 48 hours prior to the day of event.

All accredited media will be notified of designated call time in advance of the event and must check in with venue security via Artist Entrance/Stage Door, or as directed.

All events are subject to individual restrictions. Unless otherwise noted, the house policy will be in effect and will follow the applicable IATSE Local 58 contract.

Massey Hall, Roy Thomson Hall, Winter Garden Theatre, and Harbourfront Centre Theatre are unionised venues. According to IATSE Local 58, the following regulations apply:

Video/Television Cameras: Only approved media cameras are permitted to capture moving footage for television and must be broadcast within 90 days. A complete song cannot be aired, footage is for b-roll and news purposes only. The entire broadcast feature must not exceed 5 minutes in total length. The first 2 minutes of the first 3 songs OR the first 5 minutes (where applicable) of each act may be recorded, unless otherwise advised.

Print/Online Photography: Images must be published or posted online within 90 days. The first 15 minutes OR 3 songs (whichever occurs first) of each act can be photographed, unless otherwise advised.

No flash, plug-in, or special equipment is permitted for media coverage. Media escort will station cameras at the back of the hall, so as to not interfere with the patron experience, and are restricted from approaching the stage; telephoto lens is recommended.

No footage or photographs that capture any member of the IATSE union may be used or published in any way without prior written consent.

Additional restrictions or requirements may apply for interviews, and any footage shot in lobbies, bar or elsewhere in the Halls must be approved by the Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall production department in advance.

Photographers must bring a form on company letterhead agreeing to these rules or sign an IATSE 58 waiver upon arrival at Massey Hall or Roy Thomson Hall. Freelance photographers without access to company letterhead or who have received approved assignment will be asked to sign an IATSE 58 waiver upon arrival to the event.

Massey Hall, Roy Thomson Hall and performers reserve the right to restrict photography and television cameras.