From the Massey Hall Archives

As we plan the Hall’s future, we’ve been spending time thinking about and delving into its past. We’re discovering pieces of the Hall’s history, like the artifacts you see here, which make our vision real in a hold-it-in-your-hand (carefully!) kind of way. Massey Hall is about the human experience of what goes on inside! Beholding the blazer of an early-eighties usher evoking the red of the Shuter Street doors; confronted by the awesome pen(cil)manship of the bookkeepers of 1932; stumbling upon an 85-year-old programme or 40-year-old ticket stub marking one of rock and roll’s greatest live albums – it all brings home the idea that we're a part of a tradition, engaged in more than just presenting events.

Photo Gallery From the Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall Archive.